Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Building Social Business Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Building Social Business - Essay Example "Social business" develops self-sustaining g and practical perspectives to business units with the capacity of improving the economic growth by combining the profit-making concept of business with the provision of goods and services which satisfy the needs of their target markets. Muhammad Yunus demonstrates how the concept of "Social business" has moved from just a theory to practical application in top corporations, business empires, and entrepreneurs. Professor Yunus illustrates how social business holds the potential to transform the enterprises and achieve free-market enterprise. The book has its strengths. Professor Yunus presents the book in a very easy to read mode. Even though he is a professor, he does not write in the technical language which allows people to read and comprehend the book with ease. Although the concept of social business has been considered by other people before him, he presents the concept very vividly by illustrations examples and demonstrations. He also devotes more pages in narrowing down the definition of the concept of social business by presenting new forms which are different from the definition it had acquired earlier. His new definition takes into consideration economic organization which connects commercial and financial objectives of the business with the ethical, social and environmental objectives. I found much strength in this book, especially where he presents the strategies of how business starting up can develop and progress in prosperity. His style of writing is motivating to read. The information presented in brought to the reader’s direct environment by presenting concrete examples which are directly linked to the reader’s environment. He uses such examples to present his ideas and insights while tactfully tackling the illustration of areas of application of social business in the real business world. He tactfully stresses the need for speed, planning, reevaluation measures and proper recognition of one’s target market.  Ã‚  

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