Thursday, February 27, 2020

Why does being Educated Part of Society Matter in Community Essay

Why does being Educated Part of Society Matter in Community - Essay Example From this discussion it is clear that in communities where literacy rate is low, people still live below the poverty line. Therefore, education is very vital for financial stability of a society. The rich people can also improve the economic status of their community by helping the needy to continue with their education by paying for their school fees. Apart from catering for school fees, an educated person can serve as a role model to others, thus encouraging them to work hard towards advancing their education. Therefore, being educated is a very vital thing towards the development of the entire community.This paper outlines that  everyone lives in a society that has set unspoken and spoken rules and one of these rules is education. One of the expectations of a society is that everyone should go to school, advance his or her education in college or university, get a well-paying job, and settle down. In fact, one of the things that help an individual to become a prosperous member i n his society in education.  Educated people are believed to certainly have higher chances of contributing to their community. Being educated helps one to become part of the active members who participate in all developments and ongoing changes in the society. Participating in the events that promotes the well-being of a society grants one much respect from the community members.  Everybody likes knowledgeable and wise person. This is why educated people in a society are always considered reputable in their society.

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